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Paris, Paris… This city is an object of pleasure, adoration, and even infatuation for people from all over the world. Many of them have a lifetime dream to vacation in this electrifying city with visions of a romantic dinner at a sidewalk café and shopping excursions to one of the many designer boutiques. Some want to work here, some want to be sent on a business trip here, some even dream of spending a lifetime in the “La Ville-Lumière” or “The City of Light”. But the first obvious question is always “where to live?” Some people either out of habit or lack of knowledge choose the standard and customary route and check in to a hotel. But the seasoned and informed traveler knows there is a better alternative – a Paris apartment rental. As a rule, foreigners don’t know much about this option and even if aware of it, they don’t know where to start looking. We can help you become familiar with and knowledgeable about the residential real estate rental market in Paris. Here you will find all the necessary information about current and available rental apartments in Paris. Armed with this knowledge, you can make an intelligent choice that will make a real difference in the quality of your stay in Paris, be it for a weekend or a lifetime.

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short term apartments in paris

Short vacation trips are the best way to truly experience the unique and unfamiliar atmosphere of a foreign country. You’ll have enough time to enjoy your experience but not enough time to develop a routine or to discover the local’s secrets and habits. To save you valuable time we are pleased to offer you short term Paris rentals which are one the most popular tourist services. It is an ideal option for individual travelers who prefer to discover new locations alone; it also suits families (especially with children and babies) who want to spend their vacations away from the crowds and without hotel obligations and inconveniences. Short term Paris apartments can be rented for a weekend, by the week, per holiday or per vacation.

You may ask us “Why do short term rentals make more sense for me?” and we can easily answer. First of all, it is a great opportunity not to forgo the comfort and peace of home which is often impossible in hotel suits. Secondly, it is a good chance to save you money. For example, you may cook in the kitchen instead of spending your entire holiday budget on expensive cafes and restaurants. Thirdly, short term Paris apartments for rent is a perfect place to live as a native citizen which means to feel the real Parisian experience. At the same time, all the apartments that are offered by our agency are totally furnished and provided with kitchen implements, small appliances, bed linens, and towels, as well.

To summarize, we can honestly state that short term Paris rentals are a brilliant way to explore this city as intimately as possible, to see it inside as the locals do, and to feel comfort and safety as if you were at home.

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long term apartments

Foreign travel doesn’t always mean holiday and rest. Many people travel abroad to stay for extended periods on serious business. That is why our agency has started to work on long term Paris rental offerings for the guests of the capital city of France. Who might be interested in such a proposal? Those who plan to extend their stay for more than one month, for example: students, workers, businessmen, and businesswomen.

City hotels can be affordable and sometimes even convenient for a quick trip or a short vacation. But much longer than a week and not only do they become expensive but often times too restrictive and irritating. And you never really get settled in to the point that you can get a good night’s sleep. If you plan to live for any long period in Paris, you should think about a more home-like and quiet alternative and choose a rental apartment for a long term Paris accommodation .

Our company cares about the convenience and comfort of our clients. We offer long term Paris apartment rentals which provide everything that could be needed for long, comfortable living in a foreign country. So, the rental apartments are appointed with comfortable furniture, household appliances, kitchen implements, bed linens, and towels. Our clients can choose from the largest apartment inventory in Paris with any design in any district. Chances are good that we even have an apartment that is similar to the one you left behind.

With the help of our professional staff you will get a safe, comfortable, and attractive long term rental apartment that will be able to serve you as a real home away from home.

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studio rentals paris

Paris studio apartment rent is an ideal option for those travelers who are accustomed to traveling in comfort and satisfaction but at the same time need to be mindful of their budget. It is a chance to create your own environment in a foreign country, set your own rules, and feel as much freedom as possible.

As a rule a studio apartment is rather small, but at the same time it is a convenient, stylish, and very practical way to have everything you need without the worry of a larger area. It is suitable for anyone – students, couples, and even small families with one child. And it will be equipped with everything that might be necessary for short or long term living. There is furniture, household appliances, kitchen implements, bed linens, and towels. You won’t have to live out of your suitcases.

And the best reason of all to consider renting Paris studio apartments is the money you will save. You’ll be able to spend your budget pleasant and desirable things that are so important for all foreigners. No more expensive cafes and restaurants because you can cook in your own kitchen. No more need to tip hotel staff because you can live on your own. So, Paris studio apartment rentals are a way to cut down the unnecessary expenses while you are far from home.

Paris studio apartments are the practical and intelligent choice for the most comfortable and affordable long-term stay in Paris whatever the reason.

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luxury apartments in paris

Paris luxury apartments are a unique offering from our company to our clients. Many people think that luxury rental is just a waste of money. But many do not want to give up the standard of living they have become accustomed to and value their social status, comfort, amenities, and individuality. Standard hotel suits, impolite hotel staff, and inconvenience can become a thing of the past. Stylish design, comfort in every detail, chic, and luxury are waiting for you.

Paris luxury apartment rentals can be suitable for many circumstances. For example, a loving couple can spend there their memorable honeymoon or just a romantic Paris weekend. Corporate CEO’s and other captains of business world can relax and rest after a hard and stressful working day.

Paris luxury apartments for rent are equipped with everything necessary for living and then some, so you won’t miss the surroundings or comforts of your own home. There is finely appointed furniture, quality household appliances, kitchen implements, bed linens, and towels. Everyday problems won’t divert you from either your business affairs or your relaxation.

Luxury Paris apartment living is the perfect way to lift your spirits in the most beautiful, bright and romantic capital city on the earth.

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Offered Paris Apartments

Our site contains a lot of information about Paris lodging. If you want to spend a holiday, weekend or business trips in Paris, our flats suit to any occasion. We can offer you a variety of variants: business rental, vacation rental, holiday rental, weekend rental or something especially individual.

At our site you will find a wide selection of Paris flats – from small convenient studio apartment to luxury apartments. Of course, each variant has its pros and cons. Your choice depends on your possibilities. Studio rent in Paris is the most efficient way. This type of flat is rather small, but really comfortable and cheap. Also it is the best way to spend your time in Paris when you have a limited budget. Apartment rent in Paris is a medium variant, which can please satisfy both businessmen and tourists. Luxury apartments suit for solvent person who needs space, comfort and status support. So, we can please the interests of clients with variable means and status.

Our professional and experienced staff will choose a flat that could meet any tastes and budgets for short term rental or long term rental in Paris. All these flats are totally furnished, equipped by necessary household appliances, toilet goods and bed-clothes. We are ready to help you to choose the flat that you have been dreaming about, in any Paris districts.

How should you act when suitable flat has been found? You can reserve it by clicking the "Book" button in a flat description. The next step will be completing a form with mentions about all the necessary adding wishes to the rental flat.

Once we receive you request, we will send you a special document package for a flat order. Our agent will connect with you within 24 hours using the contact details mentioned in your request.

If you don't have enough time or you can't find any flats suiting your desires, you just need to write us and we will do this work instead of you. You will have just to fill in the form of general request and we will find you an ideal variant in a romp.

Why does rent apartment in Paris is profitable?

There are some simple and evident reasons. First of all, it is a home atmosphere, private space and full availability of necessary equipment. Secondly, in comparison with rent, living in a hotel suit is often overpriced because of service and different entertainments that placing at hotel territory. Thirdly, you won't be disturbed by hotel service workers or annoying and noisy neighborhood. And one more important thing, you can be not worried that any strangers will be moved to your room. Finally, you can not stint yourself by strict rules in rental flat, it is clear within reasonable limits. We offer great variety of apartment rentals in Paris.

For Paris householders

If you have an appartment that can be rented in Paris, but you can't imagine how to lease it, work with us because we know how to assist you in this question. All the procedure consists of five stages: you send us a listing form that is attached below, our agent confirms proper flat condition and qualification, you receive a special listing agreement with our decision, sign it to let us represent your flat or apartment and then we search for a client. The scheme is simple and effective.

Paris is a big city. Hundreds of foreigners come there every day grooved in their own business often having less time to solve possible problems. But don't be afraid to get lost even though you don't speak French at all. won't leave you outside.