Additional Services

Paris is a city of opportunities. Excursions and exhibitions are only some of the possible ways to enjoy your time here. That is why besides our major service we are glad to offer you some more complementary goods and services.

Leisure activities

We provide a guide convoy during the excursions in Paris and throughout France and a option of visiting museums individually and in groups.
Also, our staff can help you book or buy the tickets for famous performances. This service will be absolutely free for you, the prices will be the same as those offered in the ticket offices.
For night life amateurs we can provide the selection and following reservations of the best restaurants and clubs.

Everything is geared towards your pleasure!

Transfer and car services

This service is very flexible. We can supply you with comfortable cars and careful drivers, VIP meeting at the airport, body guarding, booking and renting cars for your own usage, special transport orders. Our price list includes all the types of cars that you can choose.
Everything is for your comfort, safety, and convenience!

Language support

Being a foreigner is sometimes tough. Especially if you don’t speak the country’s language fluently. But our agency will help you not to miss a single foreign word. We can offer you guides and hostesses speaking your native tongue, professional translators and interpreters and even a translation of business papers.

Everything is for your awareness and understanding!

Medical services and beauty

«Paris365days» will organize for you any required treatments and diagnostics in case of some accident, emergency, or illness. We cooperate with the best city clinics that will provide you with appropriate medical cure.
Being in Paris you should remember that this city is celebrated and acclaimed for its beauty, luxury, and fashion. And if you come to Paris you should certainly partake of this experience. We will help you to schedule a range of services: facial and beauty treatment, SPA procedures, a relaxing massage in a salon or at home, manicure and pedicure, hairdresser in a salon or at home, personal sports trainer, slim and health-improving courses on Biarritz and Vichy resorts, thalassotherapy, and some more complex procedures like laser therapy and plastic surgery.

Everything is for your health and beauty!


We strongly consider that Paris is a synonym of holiday and a holiday is a synonym of no housework. That is why we help our clients to spend their time without any problems. If you want, we can provide you daily- or weekly maid service, grocery shopping, personal cooking from a real Parisian chef or even private cooking lessons with all the secrets of French cuisine. We also arrange for any needed repair work, apartment design to your taste and even architecture services.

Everything is for your relaxation!

Personal shopping

Personal shopper can seem to be a little bit strange. But only at first glance! Think about a personal stylist who will professionally find the ideal look for you. Impeccable personalization from the hands of French fashion master. What could be better?
Everything is for your appearance!

Car Tours in France Regions and Neighboring Countries

We are extremely pleased to offer you our guided car tours in different French Regions: enchanting Loire Valley , full of royal châteaux and renowned for its wines and vineyards, or Northern Normandy with its outstanding sea cuisine!
Upon request, the tours in the neighboring countries are also possible by car.

Everything is for broadening of your experiences !