Tour Eiffel Suicide has always been a great problem, not only in Europe but all over the world. What makes people kill themselves? Nobody can really answer this question conclusively because even the age, social status, or gender does not define a reason for committing suicide. Every year about 1,000,000 suicides occur worldwide. Europe, both east and west, has about 163,000 instances annually. Most people decide to end their lives at home or work, but some of them choose a special place to visit before death.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe has the world’s highest suicide rate and if it used to be the over-75 age group, today the cases are rising among young people. Women attempt suicide 3 times more than men, though men 3 times more actually succeed. It is known that women are more likely to chose “romantic” ways of killing themselves like poisoning or jumping off high buildings and bridges while men use much more violent methods such as gunshot to the head or mouth or a intentional crash injury. All the scientists and researchers firmly insist that Europe needs to reduce its shameful record of 17.5 suicides per 100,000 people. Among the top ten suicidal countries worldwide are the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary, and Belgium.

Today not only the number but also the types of suicides have changed. A current trend has people coming from different countries to big cities and famous places of interest to end their lives by jumping off a cliff, a bridge, or a tower. This kind of suicide is referred to as “tourists-suicides”, and the popular places where the act takes place – “suicide sites”. These destinations have a certain reputation and some magic aura that attracts people who have decided to take their own life. Psychologists say those who attempt suicide in a well-known place are trying to draw other people’s attention that they sought while alive.

Among such suicide sites – Clifton Bridge and Humber Bridge located in the UK, Göltzschtalbrücke – the railway bridge in Germany, Cliffs of Moher – the spectacular seaside cliffs located in Ireland, Nusle Bridge (or Nuselsky Most) in Prague, and of course Eiffel Tower in Paris are the most well-known.

A lot of people kill themselves in Paris, and jumping off the “Iron Lady” (which is 1,063 feet high) is the third most popular method of suicide after poisoning and hanging in France. Actually only about 68% of the suicides are known by the Official Statistic in the Paris region and 26% of them in the city of Paris proper. After AIDS, suicide is the second most frequent cause of death in Paris.

The first suicide at the Eiffel Tower was committed by a 23-year-old man, who hanged himself from one of the beams on July, 15th 1898. The most recent case of suicide, according the media, happened on June, 26th this year. A young woman threw herself from half way up the Eiffel Tower, crashing onto a restaurant patio on the first floor of the Paris monument. For 120 years since the monument’s construction about 400 people killed themselves there, of which two survived the 171 feet drop from the first floor, one was blown onto a rafter by the wind and one young woman landed on the roof of a car. A bit of good news from that potentially tragic attempt – after recovering from her injuries this woman married the owner of the car.

Several years ago 6 feet high barriers were constructed on the tower perimeter in order to reduce the number of incidents. Apparently the barriers have had a positive effect. The Police Préfecture claims that suicide attempts from the tower have become very rare. Even so, there are still a lot of people who desire to jump off a famous Paris site. At least 4-5 cases of suicide a year happen in the capital city. That is the reason why the Eiffel Tower is named one of the most popular suicide sites in Europe. Parisians would prefer it just be known as a nice place to visit…

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  1. Eric

    I think Eiffel Tower’s worth to be jumped off… Isn’t it beautiful?

  2. SunLover

    that’s a whole lot of interesting facts about eiffel tower, i didn’t know people there could go crazy like that. i’ve heard china is no. 1 about suicides, maybe because it has the biggest population though, from european countries latvia is the most famous for suicides as far as i know.

  3. Kim

    Sad to know how many ppl in this world like to kill themselves. I guess they don’t think about parents, friends or whoever cares about ‘em. But what I’d never understand is why do they need to go so far away from home if they will die anyway…

    • Victoria Millinship

      That’s such a ridiculous and disrespectful statement to make. They don’t think about the people that care about them, because they either believe that no one does actually care about them, or that whilst it might hurt, it is for the best of the people around them. It’s people voicing opinions like that, that cause people who suffer with suicidal thoughts to become more depressed, and feel more guilty. If we didn’t stigmatise it so much, then maybe it wouldn’t be such a problem in the world. But that’s too hard, isn’t it? For those who knew someone who committed suicide to admit that they may be the cause of their death, rather than a victim of it.

      • Mandi

        Thank you very much! That is exactly how I put it for a speech I’m writing for a charity I’m speaking at for awareness and prevention of suicide.

        I have found personally to many people don’t know what they say can effect people and its sad. I’m sure Kim didn’t mean it in a negative way. Just a non understanding way. I was called stupid for even thinking about it and that made me feel I had to even more. Like I’m already judged might as well do it so I don’t even need to look at them anymore.

    • Mandi

      As someone who tried to commit suicide on several occasions. Sometimes it doesn’t matter on the whole people surrounding them. My family, including me parents hated me and I had no friends. There was no support from anyone and the one person who did care had already died from complications from Pneumonia. I can’t say why anyone else would do it but I’m betting at least some feel there is nothing in this world for them.

      I got lucky and found the love of my life a few years later after the failed attempts.

  4. Jules

    By the way I’ve already read somewhere about the world famous bridges people use to jump off. Golden Gate Bridge which is in California is one of the most magnetic places for suicides.

  5. Lolly

    Just look at this statistics – that is really sad what’s going on in this world. I’ve got a friend who hang himself in a closet couple years ago… always hear about suicides on tv or reading about it online… why don’t these people just try to talk to somebody… psychologists or friends I don’t know… Can you believe having a kid or a boyfriend who just decides to die one sunny day? And why government doesn’t do anything about that?.

    • Apfelstrudel

      why don`t these people just try to talk to somebody – that simple.

      I´ve been there and I can assure you- there is no one you can really talk to (other than “life is so beautiful (for you, maybe?), how can you be so selfish, stupid ect) I`ve been there and tried and I have lost quite a few friends because of it.
      Of course there is no one willing to help you either, no one would seriously want to share your misery anyway.

      Generally people prefer turning away, ignoring the fact that there are a lot of desperate people out there. Of course to call for the authorities to solve the problem is the most favourite (and most comfortable) approach. I`ve always thought this attitude is typically German but obvoiously it is universal.

  6. tangobaby

    haha..remember about 1500 sheep jumping off the cliff in Turkey in 2005. I saw that on TV they said it was an animal suicide kind of… these people remind me of those sheep. Com’on guys just enjoy the life you’ve got and it all will be fine!

  7. marsha

    they say when somebody says that he is thinking of killing himself he just wants attention. Especially if this person wants to jump off the Eiffel Tower…))

  8. Sailor Girl

    this article says government does do things to prevent suicides, building all these barriers and stuff… I’ve read in one blog that the state of Washington allocated $1.4 million in 2007 to build an 8 foot high suicide prevention fence at Aurora Bridge… that’s not too bad

  9. Lawny

    maybe for some ppl that’s at least the way to end their life with honor…

  10. Andi

    isn’t that cute about that lady marrying an owner of the car? I love such stories with a happy end… yeah Eiffel tower is beautiful but that’s not the reason to die… there are so many good things about life. I’m happy I’m alive:)

  11. Manchild

    omg.. the tower was the one I was living by when I stayed at the hotel in paris last year… I wouldn’t expect that many people to jump off this site. yeah I’ve heard about tourists going to some famous destinations to end their life there…

  12. Vanessa D

    do you know Hungary has the highest suicide rate in the over-75 age category at 108 per 100,000 people? Does anyone know why old people commit suicide???…

    • Tammi

      The elderly tend to commit suicide because of loneliness, loss of spouse and illness. They don’t want to go through the pain and agony of medical treatment when they are already elderly. And they don’t want to be a burden to their family.

  13. Tech

    Life isn’t good for a lot of people. It’s mostly about money and looks and in the end you will die many getting horrible diseases that society expects to make you suffer while to the end enriching medical people fleecing you you for every last cent. It seems to drag on forever if your depressed but goes all to quickly even if you’re enjoying it. A tradgedy in one act as Shakespeare said. Got to grab what you can of it while you’re young! Accept things and enjoy the little things and giving of yourself pays back ten times. We should also allow a painless way for folks to end their lives if they truly want to especially for terminallly ill people suffering needlessly like my mother did. Oh and be as nice as possible to each other and don’t listen to all the gangsters that run “governments”, banks, armies, and the main media.

  14. Billy Wayne

    English is obviously the second language of the person who wrote this piece.

  15. Walmart lover

    pretty good piece though.. whoever whote this did do his best!

  16. Suicide has always been a very great problem not only in Europe but all over the world. Eiffel Tower is named as one of the most famous suicide sites in Europe. That’s a whole plenty of interesting facts about Eiffel tower, i didn’t know people there could go crazy like that.

  17. Paris Hotels » Pictures Popular Sites Paris France

    [...] 7.Eiffel Tower is named one of the most popular suicide sites in Talking about most suicidal countries the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary and Belgium … Though there are still a lot of people who desire to jump off a famous Paris site. At least 4-5 cases of suicide a year happen here. That is the reason why the Eiffel Tower is named one of the most popular suicide sites in Europe. [...]

  18. z

    i am 26 years old man from Pakistan.. poverty is big reason to suicide. . but the fear of GOD avoid us to do suicide… but i dont understand why europion do suicide ??? they are very rich … they have everything..

  19. [...] Eiffel Tower is named one of the most popular suicide sites in Europe That's a whole lot of interesting facts about eiffel tower, i didn't know Eiffel Tower is named one of the most popular suicide sites in Europe [...]

  20. Awww…two survived the 171 feet drop from the first floor, one was blown onto a rafter by the wind and one young woman landed on the roof of a car. The interesting fact that later on after recovering from her injuries this woman married the owner of the car. Sweet and epic <3

  21. Victoria Millinship

    I’ve tried talking to friends and psychologists. It’s not actually a cure for depression, and sometimes, it can make someone feel worse (in my case, it often does). And on the subject of governments…what the actual fuck? You think it’s the governments role, or should be the government’s role, to stop people terminating THEIR OWN lives? That’s a completely ridiculous thing to say. Suicide is completely different to homicide.

  22. jounna Zein


    (from iphone)

  23. rihad huzin

    IM GONNA JUMP TOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!one!1111

  24. What people should know about countries like sweden and other countries in europe is this people are not democratic as they potray themselves. The system like for acountry like sweden is sub-human totally inhumaine. You study so hard get adegree, when you apply for ajob you get told that you are over qualified. To get ajob is so hard ajob chance will have like 30applicants.You cant progress in life and be something big no chances of setting up things which will make you rise in life and not stick at one place all this causes depression and makes someone feel like you want death.To get agood jod you have to have sex with the bosses so that they can secure opportunity for you,or for you to survive you have to be fucking someone to keep you going or survive. It is hell on earth in this european countries they dont have agood life as people think.Thats why people hang themselves.

  25. Anonymous

    No Pict = HOAX

  26. Alex :)

    Jumping from the eiffel tower is not automatically a cry for attention. a lot of people chicken out from suicide at the last moment if they r cutting, shooting them selves or driving off a cliff. jumping from such a height would ensure no turning back at the last moment.

  27. Isabel

    I am very curious about the woman that survived and then married the man whose car she landed on. Does anyone know where I can acquire more information on that story?

  28. I can’t even bare the thought of loosing my life. When you think about loosing the people you love and cherish. One of my friends brothers just hung himself in his room because his mom and him got in a fight. Then the younger sister found him dead. Don’t be stupid in life. Maybe something isn’t going the way you hoped for it to go, but keep on trying. My sister tried to kill herself multiple times, and it was a very hard time for my family. She would always put my other sister in a bad position, saying don’t tell mom or i am going to kill myself. Just don’t be stupid My sister is healthy now and stable. She cry’s about the days she was like that

  29. [...] 7. A woman jumped off of the Eiffel Tower and landed on a car and survived, then later married the car’s owner. – Source [...]

  30. Amanda Faulkner

    I can’t believe you people, the ones saying that suicide/suicide-risk people ‘just want attention’ or ‘just talk to someone’, etc. and that will just solve their problems.
    Obviously you have never been in that deep, dark, ugly place inside, and you should be fucking grateful, but don’t put others down for your own good fortune. Yes, a lot of lucky ones are able to climb out of it (even if they fall back in a lot), but sometimes it is too much, and unfortunately that person kills themselves. It never makes them weak, it just means that they weren’t lucky enough to get a little speck of sunshine in time.
    I have been to ‘the edge’ a couple of times, where my body was numb, my eyes sore from crying, and in my head and heart I was ready to die. That is such a dangerous state to be in, where there are no doubts. It only lasts for a few seconds, and thankfully I didn’t have any windows or knives or guns near me. It only takes a few seconds to be in that inner prison and the right circumstances for the event to occur.
    I think some people regret it in the middle of it if it takes more than a few seconds, but it is too late to go back; life has betrayed these victims. Sometimes people want to see beautiful things before they die, which could be why they jump off of beautiful things. Watching the sun set and feeling wind, seeing all those city lights before you close your eyes forever. It is not always other people’s fault specifically, but it helps so much when they have someone to talk to and not judge them. Sometimes just a small, kind, warm conversation can turn a whole day around.
    So please think the next time you say something. Having a bad day? Don’t take it out on others, just get your own help for your bad mood and try to give back positive energy to the rest of the world.

  31. Anonymous

    I think that it is tragically beautiful that people would jump off of the tower. Yes, suicide is a terrible means of trying to end your problems, but I have attempted it once and do suffer from self-destructive tendencies. I honestly think that people who jump off of incredibly high structures such as this are brave. Suicide is NOT a “coward’s escape”, and jumping from such heights takes at least SOME bravery. Just saying..

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