Terms and Conditions

Have you already chosen the most appropriate variant of apartment? Are you ready to book it? Don’t you know how to do it? That is strikingly easy. Just familiarize yourself with the information below and follow it directly.

Process of reservation

The whole process of reservation includes 5 steps. Every step contains the action from your side and from our agency. That is how it will be:

  • The first step, you should send your request with selected flat to us. After receiving your demand, our agent will process it and in case of flat availability you will receive, in your turn, the document package for the proper booking.
  • Then, the second step starts working. Withing 48 hours you will have to fill in all these documents and send us them back with obligatory payment of agency fee which will be mentioned in details further. In the next 48 hours we will send you a signed lease agreement from the owner.
  • The third step will be in your signing this agreement, sending it to us with 50% of rental price beforehand.
  • The fourth step and the final one. You will arrive in Paris, pay the rest part of the rent price, and move into your new French rental home.

As you can see, all the process is rather simple, absolutely safe and doesn’t take much time.

Agency fees

NB! We direct your attention that agency fee is already included in the week rent, i.e. you see the full price for a week in the apartment description.

We have just mentioned about the agency fees earlier. But now it is time to discuss it in full measure. First of all, you should get into account that the size of fee depends on the period of rent. And as a rule it consists of definite percentage of one month rent.

So, if you want to rent a flat

  • from a month till 40 nights, then you should pay 30% of one month rent;
  • from 40 nights to 3 months – a half, i.e. 50% of a month rental;
  • from 3 to 6 months – 75% of a month rent;
  • from 6 months to 9 months – full one month payment rent;
  • from 9 months to one year – only 10% of the rent;

Possible payment ways

Our agency is glad to offer you some variants which you can use to pay based on your possibilities. We accept cash, credit cards, money transfers, PayPal payments.

Security Deposit

While looking through your agreement you can notice a “security deposit” point. It is a common procedure for this type of deal. You should pay it upon your arrival and will get it back on the day of your departure after deduction that is equal to apartment damages in case they are.
Like the agency fees, the security deposit could be paid in various ways: credit cards, money transfers, cash.

Extra expenses

According to the rules established in this sphere, the telephone calls should be paid separately from the whole rental price. As concerns the gas and electricity expense, it isn’t included into the rental price only in case your staying is more than 3 weeks.

Your Arrival

One of our good traditions is to welcome our guests in the rental flats to provide them proper service, to answer all the arose questions and supply the needs. For this reason we would kindly ask you to inform us about the approximate time of your arrival in good time.

Your Departure

To make our agency and flat owner sure in a deal validity we strongly ask you to contact us at least in 3 days before you arrival.