France, like most countries in Europe, has a rich and varied history. In this beautiful country you’ll see some of the oldest buildings, the best architecture, and the most amazing castles in Europe. Perhaps even in the world. In a country with such a storied past, you’ll always find skeletons in the closet, and a sordid past. This vast country has many stories to tell and some very dark secrets indeed.


If you ever get tired of the sights, bored with the world-class shopping and fancy a real fright, why not take a trip to some of the most haunted and scariest places in France. You’ll find a number of old, and even some new spots on the map that have gruesome and terrifying tales to tell. And you’ll get to see a side of France that most tourists never have the chance to experience.

If you love things that go bump in the night, then France is the place for you. Perhaps you are even familiar with some of the popular “haunted” spots like the Loire Valley castles or the gloomy Conciergerie prison in Paris, but we’ll tell you about strange places in France you didn’t know before.

Some of these sights are not for the faint hearted. So, if you’re not into scary ghost stories, haunted houses or cemeteries, then this list of the top ten scariest places to visit in France is certainly not for you.

Prepare to be scared, here are the spookiest spots France has to offer:

10) At the number 10 spot you’ll find the most haunted house in France, which is located in Alais, Provence, and haunted by the ghost of the deceased Guy de Torno.

9) Coming in at number 9 is the frightening abbey at the Mont St. Michel, a spooky site with multiple ghostly sightings.

8) At 8, this is the first mention of the Chateau de Versailles. The chateau and the surround areas are said to be some of the most haunted places in France. There have been numerous sighting reported over the years, and even some reports from just a few months ago.

7) The seventh scariest place in France is the nuclear reactor in the Monts d’Aree, also known to the locals as the gates of hell.

6) Surprisingly, at number six you’ll find Euro Disney. It’s been reported the there have been several unexplained sightings at this site.

5) The number 5 slot goes to Basilica at Le Bois-Chenu Domremy. Not only will you find the ghost of Joan of Arc here, but there have been several spooky sighting of many other ghosts since the 1900s.
4) Fourth place belongs to the gardens of the Chateau of Versailles. Marie Antoinette’s ghost has been spotted repeatedly at this site, roaming the beautiful gardens surround the chateau.
3) In at number three is the Pere La Chaise Cemetery, which is the largest cemetery in Paris, France. The spot is the most visited cemetery in the world, and is said to be one of the most haunted. Definitely worth a visit.
2) Coming in at a close second is the Brissac Castle, which can be found in the Loire Valley of France. Even if you’re not into ghost hunting, this is a great place to visit. This ornate castle was masterfully rebuilt in the 17th century, and is overflowing with antiques, original tapestries, and the ceilings are even painted with gold. As soon as you enter the castle you get an eerie felling and a slight shiver runs up your spine. That’s because this was the site of a gruesome double murder. Jacques de Breze found his wife Charlotte and her lover one evening together in the castle. After his discovery, Jacques murdered them both. Legend has it the pair have haunted the castle ever since. Jacques was said to have sold the castle soon after their deaths, as he was so scared of the ghosts, and could no longer live alone in the castle.
1) The top spot goes to The Catacombs situated in Paris. During the mid 1700s, the population of Paris grew so rapidly, that the city soon ran out of places to bury its dead. Those in charge at the time found the perfect solution -the Catacombs, which is commonly called the empire of the dead. Many passageways and tunnels were dug underneath the city to accommodate the millions of dead. Bodies were buried and laid along the walls, and many of the original bones and skulls still line the tunnels of the Catacombs to this day. This is said to be the absolute scariest spot in the whole of France. And just the sight of the skull-lined tunnels can bring a chill to even the heartiest spine! Tours of the Catacombs run each day, but beware, as you may never return.

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  1. Mag

    Oh, God! I was in Paris last year and friend of mine decided to visit catacoms…. so we went there
    It’s owfully eerie!!!! It still makes me flesh creep.

  2. There is something so enjoyable about visiting places that scare the crap out of me, and it looks like France has got plenty of such places that I need to go and visit.

  3. Jean

    i accidentaly pushed “dont like it” soory i really enyojed and thank you…

  4. aarijitte de

    I think The Catacombs is the one of my best. It is nice to befriend of Ghosts if I can catch anyone of them.

  5. noy

    I live in France and I Didn’t know that Euro Disney was Haunted

  6. That’s true, I really didn’t know these places. It really sound’s scary then to I would love to see these places.

  7. teri

    do you know of any places in Beaurains or lille that are haunted?

  8. Andrea

    @noy Well, the sentence said that “It’s been reported the there have been several unexplained sightings at this site.”
    Doesn’t everbody have to agree with ‘unexplained sightings’ at disneyland :P :D

  9. Claire

    The Catacombs were actually a disused quarry so much of the underground space was already there, when they carried all the bodies and bones across down in the dead of night and deposited them there. They no longer know who is who. So creepy – you can touch the bones as well. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!

  10. Corinne

    I’ll go anywhere to see a ghost but France seems to be the place to be

  11. keirain belphegor nite

    must visit all of these!!!

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  13. MPaine

    Please get your story of the Catacombes right….completely inaccurate

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  15. Now finally France is very interesting for me :) I was looking for a “weird” reason to go!

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